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Hello Blog-o-sphere! February 7, 2011

Filed under: Events — Shannon R Little @ 10:38 pm

Welcome to my blog everyone.

As I get everything started and rolling, please check out my About Me and About My Blog section to get aquainted with what I want to do here.


As an introduction, this picture was an attempt by a friend and me to tackle The Avalanche at Kooky Canuck a few years ago. After attacking as much of the 18 scoop sundae as we could, we finally waved the white flag.

As you can see, food and Memphis are two things that I am extremely passionate about. I have been thinking about doing a project like this for a while. I am excited to start my adventure, and hope you join me along the way!


4 Responses to “Hello Blog-o-sphere!”

  1. rpavelko Says:

    That photo makes me so happy. Excited to read all of your delish posts!

  2. Just saw the February issue of Memphis magazine and it’s all about local food! Might make a good blog post.

  3. Tresa Undem Says:

    agree – great photographic introduction!

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