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Pancho’s February 19, 2011

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Pancho’s is a staple in Memphis. Most Memphians have memories of eating here. I remember growing up and going to Pancho’s with my mom. We would rave over their special sauce they put on the food. We always had a container of the cheese dip in our house, as they sell it in all of the local Kroger grocery stores. My mom has memories of growing up with a friend, whose mom worked for Pancho’s and kept the house stocked with container-upon-container of dip. This was obviously the cool house to hang out at.

What is in Pancho’s cheese dip that makes it so good? I do not know the exact recipe, but I would love to dig deeper and find it! There must be some secret, addictive ingredient. I have watched my boyfriend polish off an entire container in one sitting.

Pancho’s has a couple of locations in Memphis, but I recently went to the one on South Perkins, close to American Way. The location on Summer is a sit-down restaurant, where they bring each table a bowl of cheese dip after being seated(!!). The South Perkins location is more fast food. They have tables, but it is counter service and has a drive through.

They have every dish you could hope for at a Mexican restaurant. I ordered one chicken taco, one tamale, and a small cheese dip (of course). I am a bit of a tamale snob, so I can say that I have had better tamales. However, the taco was excellent, and the cheese dip was as well (obviously). When you eat here, the thought of it being fast food does not even cross your mind, and this is coming from a girl who avoids fast food at every possible turn. Not to mention, my lunch only cost me $4.03. Lunch for under five bucks? Yeah, I’ll take it.

When you need a quick, cheap lunch or a snack fix, I highly suggest trying this place out.

This man has lived in Memphis for 10 years, but had never tried Pancho’s. His shocked coworker brought him to Pancho’s for the first time while I was there, and he share’s his opinion below.

For more information, you can check out Pancho’s website or Google Map page, and if you don’t trust solely my opinion, you can check out more reviews at Urbanspoon or YellowPages.

Pancho's on Urbanspoon


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