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The Racquet Club Bar and Grill February 20, 2011

I had tickets Wednesday night to the Big Shots tennis tournament at The Racquet Club of Memphis. Despite the fact that my future boyfriend Andy Roddick was not playing that night, I still managed to have a great time. Since I do not get the opportunity every day to waltz into the The Racquet Club, I thought tonight would be perfect to try out their bar and grill. Normally, this place is off-limits to members only of the club. However, during this week-long tennis tournament, the gates to the club are open. You have free rein around the club, but only require a ticket to get into the actual tennis court. After watching most of the first match, the boyfriend (the real one, not Andy) and I decided we were hungry enough to leave and check out the scene.

Walking inside, The Racquet Club Bar and Grill looked like your average restaurant. It was a little more upscale, with dim lighting and candles, but still seemed very relaxed. The place was packed, since the tournament was in full swing. Most of the tables were empty, as the crowd had surrounded the bar area. Not being ones to miss a piece of the action, we opted to take a seat at the bar.

We both ordered drinks, a glass of Pinot Noir for me and a margarita for Scott, and checked out the menu. Everything listed looked pretty run-of-the-mill also: burger, chicken tenders, cobb salad, fish sandwich, etc.

We decided to go above and beyond, so we ordered the chicken pesto pasta. It looked pretty good as it came toward us at the bar, then I noticed something. Why does this pasta look all alfredo-ey but doesn’t seem to have any pesto? Our first bites confirmed this. It tasted very similar to a boxed Pasta Alfredo kit you by from the corner Walgreens. This is not to say it tasted horrible, but it was very average at best. We were happy that we decided to split something, instead of ordering two entrees.

Overall, it seems as though the club has a lot to concentrate on, so it seems understandable that all of the planning and focus cannot be on the restaurant inside. It is simply there for convenience. People do not go The Racquet Club to eat. They go to play tennis and meet for drinks, and the food is there as a supplement. We will probably not be back to The Racquet Club Bar and Grill, but hey, we will probably not be back to The Racquet Club period.

To learn more about The Racquet Club of Memphis go to their website, and for more about their dining  menu, click here.

For more opinions you can go to the Memphis Daily News Article, Wikipedia page, or their Google Map page. They also have a Facebook account.

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