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YoLo Froyo March 17, 2011

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I am surprised to took me this long to get to YoLo, but I wanted to make sure to do it right. You see, I am at YoLo at least once a week. It’s practically criminal that they moved into the same shopping center where I work. Some of our employees are there almost every day. Many times we have YoLo runners, who go get it for everyone while we are slow. We give YoLo a lot of business.

However, rarely do I ever sit down and enjoy my YoLo froyo in the store. Last night, however, I did. I met my friend Shannon, who was in town from Kansas City, so we could catch up. It was most definitely as good as it always is.

YoLo is a frozen yogurt store, but not your typical kind. YoLo lets you do the work, and they charge you by weight. You have ten options for frozen yogurt, and a ridiculously large amount of toppings to choose from. You pick anything and everything you want, pile it on, and then you pay for how much it weighs. This concept is fairly new to Memphis, but has become largely popular across the U.S.

Though Memphis is new to this idea, it quickly grew in popularity. I have never seen YoLo NOT busy ever, since the day they opened. Remember those days in Memphis where the roads were iced over and the whole city was shut down? Well, YoLo was open, and there was still a line practically out the door. People will go to any length to get some YoLo froyo.

My experience this time was just as great. It was about 9pm on a Wednesday night (that is one hour before they close, mind you). I walk in to a completely packed store. I go through the routine.

I grab my cup…

…and choose my yogurt flavor. I opt for a swirl of my two favorites there: Espresso and White Chocolate Mousse. Shannon opted for the Dreamy Dark Chocolate.

We head over the toppings bar.

Shannon’s main choice was strawberries. One of my favorite parts about YoLo, other than the many options, is the fresh fruit options. They hand-prepare all of their toppings, which includes chopping fresh fruit. I always load my yogurt up with it. I chose strawberries, kiwi, marshmallows, and yogurt chips. I always get one ginger snap and one piece of pumpkin bread too, just to taste it. This is my usual routine. I may mix up something every now and then, but this is usually it.

We ate and chatted, and it was fabulous!

One last thing about YoLo: they really care about the community. This community bulletin board that is displayed right at the entrance is just one example.

They are also really into supporting local businesses. All of their baked goods and granola toppings are bought from local bakeries! Now, if they could only partner with Muddy’s Bake Shop, my life would be complete.

I talked to a couple of YoLo fans outside that night, and they shared their love of YoLo froyo as well.

YoLo now has three stores, one in East Memphis, Collierville, and one in Midtown. It is my understanding that they have more to come.

and GET THIS! This summer, they will be launching their MOBILE YOLO VAN!

Check out their flavor naming contest, partnered with Project Green Fork, that is now going on! You can enter to have a flavor named after you at the Midtown location!

Check out more about YoLo at their website, Facebook, or Twitter.

For more reviews, check out the I Love Memphis blog, Yelp, or Urbanspoon.

YoLo Frozen Yogurt on Urbanspoon


2 Responses to “YoLo Froyo”

  1. Amara Says:

    YoLo is the bomb. Several other yogurt places with a similar model have opened within a couple of miles of the East Memphis location, and I certainly hope there is enough business to go around because I would hate for YoLo to close! With the summer heat on its way, the market should be good for cold tasty treats.

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