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Republic Coffee April 7, 2011

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Memphis is full of great local coffee shops, and Republic Coffee is just one of them. It is, however, one of my favorites. Located smack in between East Memphis and Midtown where Walnut Grove becomes Union, it is not that short of a drive from either of my jobs or school. This is why I frequent it the most.

Republic Coffee is great for several reasons:

1.) Free Wifi. In the day of the mass spread of technology, free wifi should be a given in most coffee shops. However, some do still charge for it. Republic is not one of these. However, their wifi signal is very shady, so don’t go there if you are on a time crunch with work. There is a high possibility the internet will be spotty or even down for a period of time.

2.) Open late. Where many coffee shops close as early as 8pm, Republic forges ahead until midnight, for all of you late night crammers and procrastinators.

3.) Great latte selection. Republic Coffee has every type of syrup you could ever want. They can make just about anything for you. Thin Mint mocha? Sure, why not? You want it, they got it. If you can’t think of the vast possibilities of what you could want, they have an extensive list for you. You can choose anything off there. This particular time I went, I stopped in on a Sunday evening after work. I ordered a Skinny Vanilla Latte and studied my little heart out. I am a big fan of the Skinny Vanilla Lattes there.

4.) Comfortable, Eclectic Atmosphere. They have lounge chairs and couches for you to chill on. They also have tables, booths, and chairs for those who need something more sturdy or need to spread out.

5.) When High Point Coffee (R.I.P) when out of business, they were willing to hire many of the employees. With the economy suffering as it is, they wanted to help them not be out of a job. How awesome is that?

6.) They are involved in the community. Republic Coffee does a lot to help Memphis be a better place, including involvement in Binghampton projects and Wolf River Conservancy.

I also want to add that if you are going for a Chai Latte, I would probably go somewhere else. I am a Chai Latte (amateur) expert, and this one does not live up to my standards. Too much milk and not enough chai makes this drink very dull. I know several others who agree with me.

Also, the service there is hit or miss, but I would much rather be ignored when trying to get work done as opposed to being incessently bothered.

Though I have never had the food, I hear it is pretty good. They have a whole menu, and some if it seems pretty tasty. It’s all made from scratch too! The bagels are freshly made every morning as well. Stop by if you have time on your morning commute (I can never seem to make it by in the rushed mornings).

This student below also enjoys Republic Coffee. (My apologies for the sound quality. They were booming with business!)

To learn more about Republic Coffee, visit their website or Facebook page. You can also find them on Google Maps, Yelp, and Urbanspoon.

Republic Coffee on Urbanspoon


6 Responses to “Republic Coffee”

  1. Fitz D Says:

    Thanks for the post. Couple of things:
    We changed WiFi service providers at the beginning of the month, fast and no drops.

    We make our Chai from scratch, not a mix, not from a can, so it will never be like the chai at some other places, please talk about it with your barista, as it is a very personal drink.

    We will be adding some new items to an all new Menu and website about a week from now, so check back and try it often.

    Finally, last year RC worked with 50 different groups, from free office space and meeting rooms, to donating full meals to Ronald McDonald House every Friday for 6 weeks. We can only do this because or customers, you, students, business people, greenline users, yoga instructors, after church brunch walk ins, all of Memphis, supports us and keeps the doors open.

    So Thank You. If it’s great tell the staff, if it’s not, tell me.
    Fitz D of Republic Coffee

    • Thanks for replying Fitz! You are the first of the restaurants I have covered to reply back to me. It shows dedication to your customers and quality of your location.

      I was in RC on Monday, and my wireless was still down. Maybe it was an overload of users or a freak accident? Might be something to look into though, especially if you have just upgraded!

      I continue to admire you all for your dedication to our community. You are one of not very many of your kind to give back like you do. This is why I recommend you to many people. 🙂

      Keep up the great work, and I will see you all soon!

  2. Robert Says:

    This is a great post as usual. Nice photos moving the story along. How do you have time to make it look like this? My brother hung out at High Point when he was here. He would probably love this place, too.

  3. Malcolm Hoye Says:

    hi-ya, I like all your posts, keep them coming.

    • Thanks! I have several in the works right now, so you should be seeing them soon! My plans to start posting tonight were foiled when I realized I didn’t have my camera cable on me. 😦

      Thanks again, and keep in touch!

  4. […] my plate with a raw tuna nacho from Tsunami, pulled pork and slaw from BBQ Shop, cheesecake from Republic Coffee, and chicken with biscuits and gravy from Jack Pirtle’s […]

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