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Memphis Food Truck Frenzy! April 21, 2011

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This last Tuesday local Memphis resturants and foodies came together to help promote the local dining scene. Yet, they did it in a way Memphis has never seen before. It seems as though Memphis is finally hopping on the bandwagon and joining cities across the nation in welcoming food trucks to town. Though most urban areas, Austin being the first that comes to mind, have long had food trucks in town, Memphis is new to this idea. A law is currently being passed around city government to try to lessen the strict laws on these vendors.

The event today was absolutely packed. It was supposed to last from 11am til 2pm, for the downtown lunch crowd. I arrived at 1pm, and most of the trucks were almost completely sold out of food! This is a classic economics case of supply and demand, and this event shows there is definitely demand in Memphis.

I was anxious and excited to try some local cuisine straight from a truck. There were many options!  However, since most carts were sold out, I settled for some delicious nachos instead.

Obviously many of these vendors did not know how to prepare for this kind of event, as it is the first of its kind. Yet, if we can continue these in the future, I sense the demand will still be there!

As we walked around Court Square to take in the whole idea, I was lucky enough to be able to talk to some food truck enthusiasts. You may even recognize some of the faces.

I also talked to some local food truck enthusiasts as well. Below is what they have to say:

For more information on the Food Truck fare, see the article in the Memphis Business Journal.


2 Responses to “Memphis Food Truck Frenzy!”

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