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Molly’s La Casita May 31, 2011

Molly’s La Casita is one of the surviving restaurants in the Overton Square area. I have heard wonderful things about them, yet I had never made it on over to try them out until recently. With my love for Mexican food, I was extremely excited.

Scott and I went in during the afternoon on his birthday to grab a drink and snack after leaving the Memphis Zoo. Since it was an odd hour, we were one of the only two tables in the place.

We both got margaritas, because it was happy hour. I got mine frozen, and he got his on the rocks. We shared a second one, because we had to try the half and half margarita. The combination of half frozen and half rocks packed all of the flavor, but none of the brain freeze.

To eat, we started with the queso. This is one of Scott’s favorite foods, and it WAS his birthday. It was pretty good, but nothing special.

We also split the hot wing and bacon wrapped shrimp combo. You may be questioning the validity of my opinion at this point for ordering hot wings at a mexican joint. However, their hot wings are SO GOOD. My boss, the self-proclaimed “hot win connisseuir” told me I had to get them, so obviously I had to. She was right. Totally worth it. The bacon-wrapped shrimp were also good, but nothing compared to Cafe Ole’s. I probably will not order them again.

Keep in mind when you go into Molly’s that it is not authentic Mexican food. It’s Tex Mex. I am normally not a big fan of Tex Mex, as I prefer the authentic stuff.

Overall, the margaritas were fabulous, and the hot wings as well. The server was also very nice and friendly. When I go back, which I will, I’ll order actual Mexican food. I hear they have wonderful homemade tamales. My fav! Let’s see if they can compare to some more of the authentic places.

I will let you all know how that goes.

For more information on Molly’s, visit their website for Facebook fan page. You can also find them on Urbanspoon, Yelp, Google Maps, or the Memphis Restaurant Association website.

Molly's La Casita on Urbanspoon


2 Responses to “Molly’s La Casita”

  1. Robert Says:

    Had to check your review this time, because I recognize the name. But, yeah, this confirms what I keep hearing, that it’s okay. Your followup on tamales will be interesting.

  2. Yeah that’s pretty much it. Very average. I am thinking Molly’s is a place to go for drinks and a small snack, not a full meal.

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