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Otherlands Coffee Bar June 5, 2011

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I spent many hours at Otherlands as a graduate student at the University of Memphis. It is a great place to get away from everything and focus on studies for a while. It’s comfortable and has plenty of room. It’s eclectic furniture and atmosphere also makes it fun.



They also have a great patio for beautiful days. This particular day it was rainy, so the patio was pretty abandoned.


Otherlands is your average local coffee shop, with all of your basic drinks. However, they also have those little extra options that make it above the rest. First, all of the coffee is fair trade and organic. You can get also soy milk, vanilla soy milk, and many other healthier additives to make your coffee extra special.

At Otherlands, I really like their basic drip coffee, vanilla lattes, and their mochas. They make the strong but smooth, just like they should be. Their chai lattes do not impress me, however. They are a lot of chai and not enough latte. There is too much spice to make it drinkable.

This particular time I was at Otherlands, I had run out of coffee while housesitting in the area, so I made a quick trip up there to get some to take home. While I was there, I went ahead and got some that was already made.


The only other complaint I have about Otherlands other than their chai latte is their service. Every time I have gone, the people at the counter look at me like I do not belong. I also feel like I am not “indie hipster” enough to be there. They seems a bit snooty. However, I am not there to chat with the staff. I go to get work done and use their free wifi.

The parking situation is a lot like other midtown locations: terrible. They have a parking lot, but its impossible to back out of. You cannot turn around and risk running into pedestrians and other cars. I suggest parking on the street and walking.

Otherlands is also known to host live music as well. You can go enjoy local musicians, such as Amy LaVere and Valerie June.

Overall, I suggest going to sip a mocha, enjoy the eclectic atmosphere, and get some work done. This is how I survived much of graduate school.

For more information on Otherlands, visit their website ,  Facebook page, or the Memphis Restaurant Association page. You can also check out more reviews on Yelp, Urbanspoon, and Google Maps.


Otherlands Coffee Bar on Urbanspoon


One Response to “Otherlands Coffee Bar”

  1. Hey Memphis Foodie! I’m a Chicago foodie, checking out your town. Typing this note to you from Otherlands. I concur with your review. It does seem like you have to say, “Uh, excuse me. I’d like a cup of coffee.” But once I have their attention, everyone seem sweet and charming. All you Memphis people seem sweet and charming. I can’t believe how many genuine smiles I get, just walking around town.

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