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Memphis Foodie on iPhone August 3, 2011

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I am excited to announce that I have been added as a suggested blog on the Local Dish iPhone app!

The developer, Garrett, is a food blogger himself down in San Antonio, and he created the Local Dish app to allow you all to find local food blogs in each city a whole lot easier. You can also interact on the app with other users as well, including sharing links and thoughts on Facebook.

To find out more about this app, go to their website.

The app is live on iPhones and iPads now, so go download it! It will be available on Android soon. I am an Android user, so you will have to tell me how it goes, until I can see for myself!


2 Responses to “Memphis Foodie on iPhone”

  1. valkraider Says:

    The “their website” link gets to a 404. Here is a link that goes to their home page and avoids the 404 error:


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