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Vinegar Jim’s August 12, 2011

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What do you think when you think of Arlington, TN? Probably the same things people told me when I mentioned I lived out there for 6 years. It usually involves the phrases “Middle of Nowhere” and “country”. Well, you would be right.

Arlington is beginning to rise up and find some industry and neighborhoods, but Vinegar Jim’s has been a staple “country” style restaurant in this “Middle of Nowhere” area.

Vinegar Jim’s serves up some of your traditional foods, such as fried green tomatoes and their famous fried pies. They also bring in fresh seafood every day and have a selection of hand-cut steaks as well. They hull their own peas and hand make everything. Also, get this: they buy everything LOCAL that they possibly can.

My favorite part about this place is the extra-friendly service. The owner comes out to meet everyone, get to know them, and make sure their meal is excellent. Everyone is very nice and welcoming, and you always feel like you are at your annual family reunion.

This being one of my grandparents’ favorite restaurants, we decided to go there one night while I was visiting them. I got a blackened catfish filet with black eyed peas and a house salad with ranch dressing.

Everything tasted as fresh as they claimed it to be, and I was pleased with my meal. I did find the catfish a little overseasoned and the peas a little undercooked. Overall, it was a decent meal.

The only other complaint I have is that their prices are a little high for what they have. I understand I am paying more for the fresh fish, but I can go to equally good restaurants and pay less than what they are asking.

Overall, the food is decent, but I am not dying to go back. The company, however, is worth giving it another shot.

For more informaion on Vinegar Jim’s, visit their website or Urbanspoon.


Vinegar Jim's on Urbanspoon


One Response to “Vinegar Jim’s”

  1. rowatson Says:

    I have to agree with you about the prices seeming high for what you get there.

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