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Cafe Eclectic August 16, 2011

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I have officially decided that Cafe Eclectic is my all-time favorite coffee shop in Memphis. Yes, that is a big title. It’s true. All of the other coffee shops I have been to have their pros and cons, but I have not come across one con for Cafe Eclectic. They are all good.

First let’s start with the location. The one I usually frequent is at McLean and North Parkway, in the beautiful Evergreen district. There is beautiful trees and architecture from the Rhodes campus. The one I visited recently with my friend Rachel is in Harbor Town, aka possibly the cutest neighborhood of all time.

Now, let’s talk about the atmosphere. This is a place where you can do everything at your own pace. They have an actual menu, so you can pop in and out for a quick lunch. You can order a muffin to-go for breakfast. However, my favorite is to camp-out for hours at a time with coffee and a snack to work at my computer. Whatever you want to do is fine with them.





The service is wonderful also. Everyone is extremely nice, conversational, easygoing, and helpful. You can find yourself in a long conversation or quick back-and-forth banter with many of the employees.

Now, the food. The food is amazing. My favorite meal I have ever had at Cafe Eclectic is Pookie’s Buckwheat Pancakes, made with ingredients from the Mississippi Delta. They also have an amazing fruit and Nutella crepe, and a super delicious and extensive fruit and cheese plate. The coffee is also delicious. They use Illy coffee, which is very smooth. You can choose from an extensive latte/mocha list, or get the drip coffee. Iced or hot? You choose. I have never put a bad thing in mouth that came from this place.



Cafe Eclectic is also very involved in the community. They are Project Greenfork Certified, and have a very active Twitter. I am highly impressed with their use of Twitter and their dedication to acknowledge and respond to customers quickly.

To learn more about Cafe Eclectic and why I love them so much, visit their extensive website. You can also communicate with them via Facebook and Twitter. For more reviews, check out Urbanspoon or Yelp.

Cafe Eclectic on Urbanspoon

Little Cafe Eclectic (Harbor Town) on Urbanspoon


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