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Where To Catch The Game in Memphis September 13, 2011

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Football season is officially in full swing everyone! Every Sunday and Monday night, the streets will be empty as people park themselves in front of the tube with beer and grub. I have listed my top 5 approved sports bars in Memphis, of which I think are the best to catch the game. They all have the quality TVs. They all have good food, and they all have beer. What else do you need? Grab some company and head on out.

1.) Brookhaven Pub and Grill: Huge TVs and BBQ Chicken Nachos. Yum!

3.) Kooky Canuck: Larger than life drinks and food.

4.) Young Avenue Deli: Huge pull down projector they use for big games, and great food and beer to go with it.

5.) Huey’s: Not much else goes better with football than a burger and beer, and Huey’s has the best of all three.

6.) Local Gastropub: Awesome food and great TVs to go with it. I hear the Steak Sandwich is what you should go for.


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