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Slider Inn September 23, 2011

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There has been a lot of buzz about Slider Inn lately, so I was excited to check it out when a group of friends and I went there after a wedding  recently. It was the Saturday night after Cooper Young festival, so I was a little bit nervous showing up and expecting to get a table for 10-15 people. However, we were lucky enough to not have to wait longer than 20 minutes.

We all got seated and orders drinks from our server Lauren, who was super sweet and very good at her job. I was excited to see that they had Yazoo beer on their list, so that is what I ordered.

I also ordered the sliders while I was there. I had heard great things about the lobster roll. However, my wallet is a little sad, and I could not justify spending $16.00 on a lobster roll. I wanted to try a few of the sliders by getting their deal where I can mix and match three sliders. However, they were not serving this, along with half of their menu, due to Cooper Young Fest. This irked me a little bit. Mainly because the restaurant was not shoulder to shoulder packed. All the seats were full, but it did not seem crazy.

Therefore, I settled for the mushroom swiss sliders, because I was really craving a burger. My friend Rhea ordered the traditional sliders with mayo, ketchup, and pickle, so I traded one of mine for one of hers. This way I can at least try two different ones. The chicken sliders looked awesome, but something in me just wanted a burger. The sliders come with a side of fries and some sort of mayonnaise dipping sauce for them as well.

The burgers were good, but I do not think they were anything to write home about. I know of better burgers in the city. I liked the sourdough bread (though it was a bit cold), and I also liked the thickness of the patties. Everything tasted as it should, but there was just something missing. The fries were delicious, and many people seem to love them. I am more of a steak fry kinda girl, but I could appreciate how good these were.

The main part of my experience that irked me at Slider Inn was the price of liquor. I ordered a shot of Grand Marnier, for which I later found out they charged me ten bucks. I have never in my life paid $10 for a shot, not even at upscale places.

Overall, Slider Inn was fun. They have a great patio with a lively atmosphere. This is the kind of place you go to have a few drinks with a good group of friends on a night with perfect weather. This is exactly what I did. The food is there to soak up the alcohol, but nothing too special. It’s your typical bar food. Stay away from this and the expensive shots, and enjoy your night with a couple of beers and a good crowd.

Photographed by Paul Ryburn

Slider Inn does not have a website yet, but you can check out their Facebook page and more reviews at Yelp and Urbanspoon.

Slider Inn on Urbanspoon


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