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Best of Memphis Party 2011 September 29, 2011

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When starting this blog project, I made it a rule to not talk about the restaurant where I work. I didn’t keep it a secret, but I never broadcasted it and I never wrote a review of it. I wanted to keep this project honest, and I am going to have a biased opinion toward my place of employment. It was my favorite restaurant growing up. Then, I got a job there at 19 as an expo and runner, moving my way up to server a year later. I now still wait tables and also work as their Marketing Assistant part-time.

However, after the Best of Memphis 2011 edition of the Memphis Flyer hit newsstands yesterday, I cannot help but boast. I am really proud of Huey’s, as we won FIRST PLACE in 5 different categories: Best Burger (every year for the last 27 years), Best Lunch, Best Kid-Friendly, Best Service, and Best Late Night Dining. First place.



Huey’s was my ticket into the Memphis Flyer Best of Memphis party last night, and I was super excited to be able to go. Surrounded by food, drink, and live entertainment by winners of the poll, this night had to be fun.





The party was on top of the parking garage for the newly-upcoming Sears Crosstown Building. What a great backdrop for Amy LaVere and her crew to perform.



Now to the most important part: the food. I piled my plate with a raw tuna nacho from Tsunami, pulled pork and slaw from BBQ Shop, cheesecake from Republic Coffee, and chicken with biscuits and gravy from Jack Pirtle’s Chicken.



Scott loaded his plate the same, except he also chose the BBQ sandwich from Central BBQ. He also claimed the last piece of sushi from Sekisui.



What I had was really good, but what else would expect from winners? However, I was hoping there would be more food. We arrived 45 minutes after the event started, and half of the booths had already run out of food. I find this a little disappointing. You think people would be more prepared for such a large event that happens every year.



I was highly impressed with Jack Pirtle’s, who brought enough food to feed everyone until then end, and also Memphis Pizza Cafe, who kept making runs to their Midtown location for refills. I was happy to grab a couple slice of Alternative Pizza several hours into the party when everything else was gone.

On the same note, the bar was also poorly prepared. Halfway through the party, they were out of select beer and all bourbon.

Overall, the party was fun. Good fun, drinks, music, and company. However, it seemed like everyone was ready to go early. Once the food and booze runs out, there seems to be no reason for people to stay.


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