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Corky’s October 6, 2011

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Though I have not found myself inside a Corky’s in quite some time, I do find myself gravitating toward them at events. Corky’s is the barbecue staple in Memphis that always has a food truck out to serve you up a Memphis tradition whenever and wherever. This particular time I ate Corky’s was at the Jim Dickinson Folk Festival at The Levitt Shell.

Whenever I am at these sorts of events, I always choose Corky’s over a corn dog or funnel cake. It’s like choosing between Taco Bell and Las Delicias. This time, I got the barbecue sandwich and Scott got the barbecue nachos. We split the two between us.

Corky’s is not my favorite barbecue in Memphis, and I usually roll my eyes when another tourist told me they have the best Memphis BBQ at Corky’s. Please do not go here if it is your one shot at good Memphis BBQ. They tend to chop the meat, instead of pull it, which does not leave it as tender as possible.

However, it’s solid and it’s flexible. You can order it to go to cater to mass amount of people, have it shipped to your front door, find it at Memphis in May when you take a break from music, or you can have a good meal out. Have it your way. It’s always hot and fresh, no matter how you eat it. It beats the fast food and a lot of other mediocre eateries, and it always leaves me ultra-satisfied.

For more information about Corky’s, visit their website or online store. You can also check out their Facebook Page, Urbanspoon, or Yelp.

Corky's Bar-B-Q (East Memphis) on Urbanspoon


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