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Local Gastropub November 7, 2011

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I found myself at Local Gastropub before my visit to Mud Island to see Paul Simon (!!) last week.  Scott and I wanted something casual, but delicious, and we had heard nothing but great things about Local’s food.  I had only been there for drinks before, so I was excited to try it out.


As always, the place was packed when we got there.  It was also 6:30pm on a Saturday, so what else should one expect?  While we waited on a table, we went to the bar to get a drink.  Ordering a beer from Local’s bar reminded me a bit of my experiences at Silky O’Sullivan’s or Young Avenue Deli.  You basically had to lie on top of the bar in order to get service.  I understand they are busy, but it seemed like the bartenders were purposefully not making eye contact with me.  When I tried to order a drink from guy who was doing dishes, he looked at me and said “I am not the bartender”, and then went back to doing his dishes.


After getting Scott, who is a bit more confrontational than I am, to get us a couple of Ghost River Octoberfests, we went to sit down in a couple of comfy sofa-like chairs to wait.  With the large TVs displayed all over the restaurant, we were happy to catch up on a couple of football games.


Despite the fact that they were crazy busy, they were able to seat us very quickly. We had only taken a few sips before they had a table ready.


Our server Britni greeted us very quickly.  In fact, I was impressed on how fast and attentive she was on such a crazy night.  She was great!


Scott ordered the Steak and Egg Sandwich, described as ” flat iron steak, melted provolone, baby greens, red onion marmalade” with french fries.


This sandwich was awesome! The steak was cooked a perfect medium-rare, something that I find most restaurants cannot do. The egg was just runny enough to meld with the other flavors.  Also, guys, I think I may have found some of the best fries in Memphis.  First, they keep the skin on, which I love.  These fries had a mix of flavors that you cannot find at most places.  You had the great potato undertones, but an addition of unique flavors on top.  They were great.


I ordered the Grilled Portobella Muffaletta, described as “oasted red pepper, tomato, provolone, house made olive salad, herb aioli, on a New Orleans Gambino loaf” with Baked Crab Mac N Cheese Au Gratin.


My sandwich was equally as delicious as the steak.  I do not usually care for olives or olive paste, but this blend was not overpowering.  You could taste a hint of it, but you could taste the other contents as well.  Like all Muffalettas, there was too much for me to consume in one meal. The mac-n-cheese was rich and creamy, just like mac-n-cheese should be.  I loved that it was baked in a souffle cup, so you get the crunchier outer edges and the gooey insides.  Like the olive paste, the crab was not overpowering, but just enough to add that additional layer of flavor.


Overall, I would say that our friends were right in telling us that Local has amazing food.  I cannot say that I will be eating here extremely frequently.  Because the food is so unique and hand-crafted, it also comes with a larger price tag.  Our two sandwiches and sides, plus tip, was $47.00.  That is not including the beer. The food is definitely worth the price, but my wallet cannot afford it all of the time.


However, the drinks are always worth it.  They have an awesome beer selection and great handmade mojitos.  They also have frequent drinks specials, including a beer bust during Memphis in May.


I highly suggest you check this place out.  It’s a nice, casual yet romantic atmosphere, exactly what a gastropub should be.  The service (for the most part) is great.  The food is great, and the drinks are great.  Therefore, you are guaranteed to have a great time.


For more information on Local Gastropub, visit their website, Facebook page, or Twitter.  You can also find more reviews on YelpUrbanspoon, and Trip Advisor.  There is also a nice write-up about them by The Memphis Flyer.


Local on Urbanspoon




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