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City East Bagel November 9, 2011

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My chance upon City East Bagel is a bit of a funny story. Last week, as I was sorting through all of the Groupons I have bought.  (I swear those things were designed for me: a sucker for good food and a good deal.)  I found mine for City East Bagel, that I completely forgot I had.  I immediately checked the expiration date, since obviously I have had it for so long that I forgot about it.  It turns out that the Groupon expired the very next day, aka the day I worked a full 8am-6pm day…and the place is only open from 7am-2pm.  After freaking out over losing a $40 Groupon, I gave it to Scott.  I instructed him to buy himself breakfast, get something To-Go for me for dinner, and spend the rest on whatever he felt like we could use.

I always knew he had good instinct.  He met me the next night, and told me that he had both the French Toast AND an omelet for breakfast.  He got me The Californian Sandwich, which is “Thin slices of turkey, avocado, alfalfa sprouts, tomato, lettuce, cucumber, swiss, and lite Italian dressing on toasted wheat bread,” with pasta salad. He then also presented me with a dozen bagels and four different kinds of cream cheese (plain, cinnamon, strawberry, and chive).  Wow, what an amount of food you can get from this place for 40 bucks!


As a disclaimer, I cannot give this place a complete review, as I did not dine in.  I can only report back about my food quality, but not service.

Scott said his breakfast was good, but nothing special.  My sandwich I thought was delicious.  It also has many of my favorite ingredients on it.  The pasta salad tasted fresh.  My only qualm with it was that there was sliced pickles in it.  I have never had pickles in pasta salad, and I was not really a fan.  The strong pickle taste overpowered the rest of the ingredients.

The bagels were also average.  I love bagels, and I have eaten most of the ones from this place.  However, they are nothing to brag about.  The plain and cinnamon cream cheeses were good, however the others I wasn’t to excited about.  The strawberry was too liquidy and the chive was too overpowering.

Also, I would not suggest buying this food unless you have the intention of eating it all that same day.  My food did not keep well.  I saved half of my sandwich for the next day, but it was spoiled when I went to eat it.  Also, the bagels turned stale in less than 24 hours.

All in all, this place gets an average rating.  If I am in the area, I might stop by and try something else off the menu.  However, the location and the hours are not convenient for me, and the food is not worth the drive.

For more information on City East Bagel, visit their website and Facebook.  You can also find more reviews on Yelp and Urbanspoon.  There have also been some handy write-ups about them by Go Memphis and Wendy Eats.

City East Bagel & Grille on Urbanspoon


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