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Stuffy’s November 16, 2011

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There has been a lot of buzz about Stuffy’s lately, and Seth with only had great things to say about it.  With my Groupon in my hand, I marched into the place filled with anticipation of a great meal of a burger stuffed with cheese.

The place was pretty empty when I arrived.  There was only one other table sitting down.  The restaurant is counter service, so Scott and I walked up to the menu to see what we had to choose from.  I was weighing my options, when I saw this poster below.


I was immediately sold.  This burger sounded right up my alley.  Scott ordered the original Stuffy, and we decided to split an order of chili fries.

Stuffy’s does not season their burgers, as they want you to be able to taste the freshness of the ground beef.   They really emphasize the freshness and quality of all of their products.  Instead of seasoning, they add flavor with their choices on flavored mayonnaise.  I am never one to order a sandwich or burger with mayo.  I am not a fan, really.  However, this I had to try.  I ordered my Boolah Burger with Lemon Cilantro mayo, and Scott got hot wing and blue cheese.


The burgers came to our table, and they looked absolutely huge. I had no idea how I was going to get this burger into my mouth.  I could not wait to try though.



After finally strategizing on how to eat the burger and finally consuming it, I must say that I was very impressed!  That was a really good burger.  It was thick and juicy.  The flavors were wonderful together.  The bun was perfect. It had a lot of flavor.  The part that impressed me the most was that the burger did not fall apart.  This is a huge risk when compiling such a burger: you risk having contents spilling over the edges or the bun falling to pieces.  I experienced none of this at Stuffy’s.

They accidentally gave us fries on the side of our burgers along with the chili fries, so we did the best we could to eat as much as possible.  (Scott succeeded way more than I did.)  The fries were good also.  They had the skin on them, like I prefer.  To me, they are not my favorite in the world, but they were decent enough to order again.


We went into Stuffy’s with no intention of ordering dessert.  However, after seeing these cupcakes, we could not resist.  Stuffy’s gets their sweets from All American Sweets, a local bakery in Memphis.  We were familiar with the place and love their pumpkin cake, so we had to give this a shot.  We ordered the Dulce De Leche Cupcake to split.  Since the cupcakes had been sitting out on the counter all day, the cake was a little dry and stale.  However, overall it was still good.


In addition to great burgers, I want to add that the staff at Stuffy’s is so incredibly nice.  The guys behind the counter were extremely friendly and accommodating.  We chatted away a bit before our food came out.  They were awesome.  Even if the food was not spectacular, I would give them another change due to the great attitudes of the staff.

I only wish they were open later.  Stuffy’s closes after the main dinner rush, around 9pm.  It think this place would be great as a late night joint.  They have the perfect location, right smack in the middle of the campus area.

Overall, I had a great experience at Stuff’y’s.  Excellent burgers and excellent service make great for return business, and they will definitely have mine.

For more information on Stuffy’s, visit their website or Facebook page.  You can also find more reviews at Yelp and Urbanspoon.  There have also been some great write-ups about Stuffy’s by Memphis Magazine, The Memphis Flyer, and WMCTV5.

Stuffy's "One Serious Burger Joint" on Urbanspoon


2 Responses to “Stuffy’s”

  1. RParker Says:

    Stuffy’s *does* season their burger. Watch next time. They put the same seasoning on the pattie that they put on their fries.

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