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Jack’s Food Store November 18, 2011

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Jack’s Food Store is a small grocery Downtown on Main Street, which has a small deli in the back.  Scott and I were walking around one night, and we stopped in to get a couple of sandwiches.

To be completely honest, the place was a little sketch.  However, I feel bad saying that because they guys behind the counter were extremely nice.


Overall, the food was nothing special.  Scott had a turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomato, on wheat.  I had chicken salad with lettuce and tomato on wheat.  I could have made an equally good or better sandwich at home.

The bonus about this place is the hours.  It is the only place you can find an in-and-out deli sandwich for dinner Downtown.  All of the Subway and Lenny’s like places are already closed, and everywhere else seems to be more upscale and sit down.  We were out walking a dog, so we needed a quick grab.

Therefore, due to nothing else like this being open, we were appreciative for our sandwiches under the circumstances. Had other places been open, we would have certainly gone somewhere else.

For information on Jack’s Food, go to their Yelp page. As of right now, I have the only review.

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2 Responses to “Jack’s Food Store”

  1. samu Says:

    Have you checked out city market at the corner of Main street and Union . It is a very good option for a quick grab and go or made to order sandwiches the Deli closes at 9 pm and the store staying open until Midnight on weekends.

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