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Kooky Canuck December 20, 2011

Behold the Kookamunga burger.



Last week I was fortunate enough to meet up with some fellow foodies to tackle this ginormous burger in an unofficial Kookamonga Challenge.  Seth Agranov, Tiffany Langston, Ken Rogers, and Kevin Martin, along with my Scott and Tiffany’s husband, all joined forces against this 7.5 pound burger and a side of fries.  Though it would be an awesome feat for one of us to pull an Adam Richman and devour it solo, I think the idea scared every last one of us.  We are just not that good (and I am pretty sure my trainer Debby would just give up on me and quit).



This burger was definitely something to behold.  I went to the gym that morning to prep for the challenge, but I felt like I could have skipped it and done some curls with the platter instead.  Yes people, it is as heavy as it looks.


We sat the burger down in the middle of the table, let Seth the burger man cut right in, and split the burger into 7 equal slices like a pie.  The burger looked a lot less daunting with 7 people sharing it.



I was quite surprised when chowing down on this massive meal.  You would think such a large burger is solely on the menu as a novelty item, but it did not taste bad.  The burger was not burned to a crisp, but pretty juicy.  It was cooked a little longer than I like, but with so many people sharing it, you need to be on the safe side of what people like.  It tasted like a regular burger, full of flavor and juice.  The bread was warm and soft, and the veggie toppings tasted fresh.  Shawn Danko explained that they cook it just like a regular burger, don’t flatten it but just let it ride.  You just have to cook it for a lot longer, like 45 minutes.  This burger is not my favorite in the city, but it was good.  I would not have a problem ordering  burger there again.


The fries were pretty good as well.  I like that they keep the skin on them.  I think it adds a lot of flavor.


We devoured the burger in approximately 10 minutes, and many were still hungry.  We were not expecting that, but it’s what happens when you share.  Some split the fried pickles, wings, and a deep dish cookie a la mode.  Some ordered drinks.  I was just perfectly content with the amount of food I ate, so I withstood.


Overall, it was a fun night.  Thanks to Kooky Canuck for a great evening, and thanks to everyone for great company.


Kooky Canuck holds many events throughout the year.  It is a fun place to hang out, with the parties and the LARGE drinks.  Check their website for upcoming events.


For more information on Kooky Canuck, visit their website, Facebook page, or Twitter.  You can also find more reviews at Yelp, Urbanspoon, and Trip Advisor.  Check them out on Skirkle, or watch their YouTube video.


Kooky Canuck on Urbanspoon




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