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Trolley Stop Market December 22, 2011

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Trolley Stop Market has only been open for a couple of years, but they quickly grew in popularity.  I can understand why too.  First, it is a fun atmosphere.  Their sign inside proves this.



The restaurant inside is huge, so they can accomodate a lot of people at once.  I  usually sit at the bar, but you have many a tables to pick from.  You walk up to the place thinking it’s a small, quaint place.  Then you walk inside and realize how far back it spans.



They also have a cute market up front.  You can buy eclectic gifts like jewelry and art.  You can also buy local food items, like fruit, jams, breads, etc.  My friend Ginger used to bake for them, and she is amazing.  Therefore, I know this stuff is quality.



This time I went into Trolley Stop Market, I sat at the bar once again.  The service here can be really hit or miss, but my bartender Lori was great.  In past times, I have ordered various sandwiches like the Hummus Wrap with Potato Salad, and they have always been good.  This time I ordered the Shrimptastic Wrap with fruit.



This is, by far, my favorite meal I have ordered from Trolley Stop yet.  They wrap was so delicious.  It had shrimp, black beans, rice, chickpeas, lettuce,and tomato.  They also put a sweet basil/garlic spread on all sandwiches.  Yum! It was so good I devoured it way quicker than I should have.  Trolley Stop also has a great fruit cup.  I am annoyed when restaurants bring me a fruit cup that only consists of honey dew melon and cantelope.  Trolley Stop’s also has grapes, peaches, and strawberries. Yum!  I highly recommend this to everyone.  It will most likely be what I order when I go back.


I also hear they also have great pizza, but I have never tried it.  They also have a great beer selection on tap, including several Ghost River selections and the New Belgium seasonal.


For more information on Trolley Stop Market, visit their website.  It’s pretty bare, though, so I suggest their blog, where you can find their menu.  You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.  You can find more reviews on Yelp and Urbanspoon.  You can also find them on Mark’s Menus.


Trolley Stop Market on Urbanspoon




3 Responses to “Trolley Stop Market”

  1. You may want to remove this from your Gluten Friendly list. The only thing they have without gluten is a salad!

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