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Gracie Bleu January 4, 2012

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I happened upon Gracie Bleu one night when out in the Germantown area and suddenly having one of those uncontrollable Dear-God-I-Need-Something-Sweet moments.  This magical place was within walking distance.


Gracie Bleu is another trendy build-your-own-yogurt concept spots, where you grab a bowl, fill your own yogurt, and choose your own toppings.  You then get charged by weight.


The atmosphere in the place was fun and relaxing.  They had fun writing on the walls and beanbag chairs, where you could sit and enjoy your concoctions. Obviously, this is where Scott and I made a beeline to.



The yogurt, we both agreed, was better than most of the frozen yogurt you find in the city.  Many times you get a treat that tastes too icy with not enough sweetness and creaminess.  Gracie Bleu was not that.

I chose to get a mixture of peanut butter and espresso yogurt.  The peanut butter tasted like a spoonful of Jif with a bit of extra sugar and the espresso was rich and flavorful.  I topped mine with whipped cream, strawberries, and chocolate chips.  It was yummy! I put way to much into my cup, then proceeded to eat ALL of it.  I couldn’t stop.  Then came the tummy-aches.  Yet, it was totally worth it.


My experience at Gracie Bleu was great, except for the charming young ladies working the counter that evening.  Yes, okay, we were those people who came in 20 minutes before closing.  I did ask if it was still okay to come in, and the lady said yes.  Then there was a group of people coming in behind me.  They already had the whole place cleaned up, and yes we may have messed it up a teensy bit.  I felt bad, but how can you keep a place like that immaculate when you are pouring yogurt and toppings?

Despite all of our faux pas, that did not give these girls an excuse to complain to our faces about how messy and disrespectful people can be.  When everyone in the place had left, except for us (we still had 10 minutes), they started complaining about the rude people that just came in. Out loud. They obviously wanted us to hear that they were talking about us.

Gracie Bleu had great yogurt, but I will not be back because of the rudeness of the staff.  No bad day is a good enough excuse for that kind of behavior.  We were very polite and apologetic.

You can find me at YoLo, where the yogurt is good and the staff is super awesome.

For more information on Gracie Bleu, visit their website, Facebook or Twitter.  You can also find more reviews on Yelp and Urbanspoon.

Gracie Bleu Yogurt on Urbanspoon




2 Responses to “Gracie Bleu”

  1. Andrew Douglas Says:

    I could not agree more! My kids and I love this place!!

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