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Cosmic Coconut February 1, 2012

After four unsuccessful attempts at trying out Cosmic Coconut, I finally was able to hit it up at a time when they were open.  This week has had such great weather, that I just had to celebrate with a smoothie.  I pull up to the Cosmic Coconut, and it already looks enticing.  From the outside of their building, you can tell they are fun.




I walk into the store, and the place looks even neater on the inside.  They have their own fun little goodies to sell.


They even grow their own wheatgrass!



This is one of the main factors that drew me to Cosmic Coconut.  They are all natural, all organic, all vegan, and gluten-free.  They are also Project Green Fork certified! They exist to promote better health, and they are delicious in the process.


Cosmic Coconut has many options for you to choose from, all of which they list on their giant chalkboards on one side of the restaurant.  Do you want juice? a smoothie? something else? Take your pick.





I opted for the Memphis Blues smoothie, which contains banana, blueberry, apple juice, and coconut milk.  It sounded authentic, and made me feel good about supporting my city.  I also added a B-12 booster as well, because I was feeling a little sluggish.


The price tag on the smoothie was a little hefty, at over $7.00 for a medium.  However, I did not expect it to be cheap when they use only high-quality ingredients.


The smoothie was awesome, as expected.  No one ingredient overpowered the other, and the apple juice and banana mellowed out the tartness of the blueberry.


My only main complain about this place is their hours: 8am – 6pm, Monday through Saturday.  Every time I have tried to go prior has either been on a Sunday, or after 6pm.


I cannot afford to go back frequently, but Cosmic Coconut will see my face again!


For more information, you can visit their website, Facebook page, or Twitter.  For more reviews, you can check out Yelp or Urbanspoon.  You can also find more write-ups about this place from many different online sites: I Love Memphis, Memphis Flyer, Dining with Monkeys, East Memphis Moms, and Memphis Daily News.


Cosmic Coconut on Urbanspoon




2 Responses to “Cosmic Coconut”

  1. Ashley Dunn Says:

    Hey, thanks for the shout out! We love Memphis and are so happy that you came in to the shop!

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