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Memphis Foodie Winner Day 4 February 12, 2012

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Today’s winner receives a certificate for sugary goodness that can brighten anyone’s day.  Ginger has people knocking down her door for baked goods, and this person has an opportunity to get the for free!


Congratulations Tom Logue, you have won a gift certificate for a dozen specialty cupcakes from Gingerly Baked!  I really like the The Great Pumpkin cupcakes and the Kiss Me Goodnight cupcakes.  However, she has never made anything I haven’t liked.  Check out her Facebook page for more baked options.  The certificate has instructions on how to place your order.  Perhaps this would be a good belated Valentine’s Day gift, or an “I’m sorry I forgot you on Valentine’s Day” present?


Tom’s favorite restaurants are Emerald Thai, which I need to try, and Germantown Commissary, one of my personal favorites too.


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