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Folk’s Folly Prime Steakhouse February 23, 2012

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Folk’s Folly Prime Steakhouse is consistently voted “Best Steak” by several reader’s polls across town, every year.  No doubt too, there is a reason behind it.  Growing up, I knew that Folk’s Folly was the magical place that only grown-ups could go to, and only when it was a very special occasion.  In fact, I still feel this way today.


Folk’s Folly is where we decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, and I had been looking forward to it for forever.  Since it was Valentine’s, I was not allowed to take pictures on this adventure.  I crowdsourced a few photos, but sorry for the lack of evidence.


To start the evening, we were treated to a private dining room: one single table in a small room, shut out from the rest of the world by curtains.  It was fantastic, and also the most romantic atmosphere I have ever experienced.  Our server Retha helped us pick out the perfect bottle of wine and listed off our specials.


As an appetizer, we chose the crab cakes.  They were delicate, lightly fried, and complimented with the perfect remolaude sauce.


Photo compliments of Eliot from Folk's Folly's Urbanspoon


After we finished our crab cakes, we decided to split a 14 ounce filet minion, small lobster tail, spinach casserole, and twice baked potato.

Photo compliments of Thomas from Eat Local Memphis


The steak was cooked a perfect medium rare, cooked enough on the outside yet juicy and full of flavor.  The lobster tail was buttery (and made me feel very high class).  The twice-baked potato was perfect, with a great mix of butter, cheese, bacon, and chives.  The spinach casserole made me say outloud, “Oh my God, that is so amazing.”


After dinner, we went to the bar for dessert.  We both ordered a Folk’s Folly Freeze, which is ice-cream mixed with your liqueur of choice.  Scott got a Brandy Alexander freeze, and I ordered one with Godiva and amaretto.  They were heaven!


I had absolutely no qualms with any part of my experience at Folk’s Folly.  Romantic atmosphere.  Great wine. Perfect service.  Perfect food.


Folk’s Folly is fine dining, which means the great experience comes with a hefty price tag.  This is the reason a special occasion is usually necessary.  (Also, we had a gift card.)  However, compared to many fine dining or steak restaurants, they are reasonable.  Our whole bill, excluding dessert, cost around $150.00.  That includes the bottle of nice wine, appetizer, steak, lobster, and two sides.  Their steak and drink prices are significantly cheaper than Ruth’s Chris.


For more information, visit Folk’s Folly’s website or Facebook page.  You can also find their menu on All Menus.  For more reviews, check Yelp or Urbanspoon.


Folk's Folly Prime Steak House on Urbanspoon



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