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Cafe Society March 27, 2012

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Cafe Society is an underrated French restaurant in Memphis.  It seems pretty bare every time I pass by it, and nobody really ever talks about it.  I cannot determine why this is either. I have always had nothing but great experiences there, and this past time was no different.


Scott and I decided on a nice dinner out to Cafe Society not too long ago.  Though I have been several times, this was my first full meal here.  I have only gone in the past for either an appetizer or dessert only.


Cafe Society has a wonderful quiet, romantic atmosphere, the kind that reminds you of a cafe actually in France.  The black table cloths and dark walls are balanced out by dim lights on every table.  The place was a good mix of couples and businessmen.


Our server, who was fantastic and over-cheerful the whole experience, presented us with a wine menu and bread basket almost immediately.  Cafe Society has a great wine list.  We chose to split a bottle of white wine.



The bread was pretty average.  It was warm french bread, but there was not much special about it.  I ate a coupe of pieces.


For an appetizer, we ordered Oysters Maurice, “Topped with shrimp and cheese gratinee.”  Our server recommended them, so we decided to go for it.  They were great! They had the richness that all French food had.  They were bursting with flavor, and the french bread to eat with them created a perfect texture contrast.



For entrees, we both ordered the specials that day.  Scott got a steak with pommes frites.  It was a perfectly cooked, nice cut of steak.  The fries were shoestring and crunchy, with a unique but perfect blend of seasonings on them.


(I apologize for the dark photos, but I didn’t deam it appropriate to use a flash in a fine dining French restaurant.)


I had a salmon filet, which was topped with scallops, shrimp, and vegetable medley.  It was served on a rice pilaf.



I do not even know how to describe how amazing this entree was.  I ate the whole entree with my eyes closed, so I could concentrate on the flavor.  I was full about halfway through it, but I devoured every last bite.  The flavor combinations were perfect.  The dish was rich, but not too rich.  There is nothing the chef could do to make this taste any better.


I am very pleased with Cafe Society and hope it does well.  The service was excellent, and the food was as well. It’s a bit pricey for your average night out, but it is perfect for a celebration.


For more information on Cafe Society, visit their website.  You can also find more reviews at Yelp, Urbanspoon, and Trip Advisor, or book a reservation at Open Table.


Café Society on Urbanspoon



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