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Vote Memphis as The South’s Tastiest Town January 16, 2013

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Oh, Southern Living. The Southern woman’s Bible, and a great guide to cuisine, travel, and decorating in The South. The Hart of Dixie episode about the magazine that premiered last night could not have come at a better time.


Southern Living is currently hosting an online poll to determine which Southern city should be named the tastiest. Currently, Memphis is in 3rd place, and even more awesome, ahead of New Orleans.


Voters can log on once a day to cast their opinions, and I highly encourage all of you to do so. We all know what a great assortment of restaurants Memphis has, and now is your time to show it. Vote people!


In honor of this poll, Hog and Hominy is hosting a Get Out The Vote Party tomorrow night (January 17th) from 4pm-7pm. Pizza and snacks will be provided, along with “The MEM Cocktail”, a signature drink designed especially for this poll. With Prichards Tennessee Bourbon, Maurin Quina, lemon juice and house orange bitters, it is something you won’t want to miss out on. Door prizes will also be announce throughout the event. Stop by on your way home to celebrate.


Also, did I mention, go vote for Memphis? Just in case I forgot.




2 Responses to “Vote Memphis as The South’s Tastiest Town”

  1. tasty tasterton Says:

    How about re-promoting this contest? We are neck and neck for 1st place with Durham, NC (WTF?) and need some new votes

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