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Celebrate Pie Day with Muddy’s January 18, 2013

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I thought my heart could not grow any bigger for Kat Gordon. I love everything about her. Then, she announced Muddy’s plans for National Pie Day, and I fell even more in love.


National Pie Day is officially on Wednesday, January 23rd, and Muddy’s is celebrating it with the ultimate throw down. As a very enthusiastic pie lover, Gordon just couldn’t let this opportunity fall to the wayside. As she exclaims in an email, “[Pie is] my favorite food in the entire world. My favorite pie is… ALL THE PIE.”


From 2pm-6pm, Muddy’s will be giving away slices of six different kinds of their homemade pies, for all visitors to try. In case you didn’t understand that last sentence, I said that Muddy’s will be giving away FREE PIE to EVERYONE who comes through their doors. In addition, they will have a drawing for a free year membership to Muddy’s Pie of the Month Club and will also have small a huge assortment of mini pies available for sale.


I urge you all to go to this event, try some pie, and take home as many mini-pies as possible. Muddy’s does everything in their power to give back to the community and serve their customers, so we all want to make sure they are just as supported in return.


For more information on Muddy’s celebration, visit their blog or I Love Memphis’ write-up about the event.

Photo Credit to Muddy's Bake Shop

Photo Credit to Muddy’s Bake Shop


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