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About This Blog February 8, 2011

Memphis is a wonderful city, filled with things to do and places to see. At the heart of the birth place of Rock and Roll is its food. Memphis has so many local restaurants, that it is nearly impossible to try them all. From the famous joints that have already claimed there fame to the hole-in-the-walls that remained unnoticed, Memphis is full of gems. These restaurants not only fill our bellies, but warm our soul and give us a look into the culture and history of the city.

I am both a foodie and Memphian at heart. I love this city and have been raised to appreciate everything it has to offer. Never a picky eater, I grew up eating at local restaurants and continued the tradition as began to dine on my own. I do my best to avoid chain restaurants to continue to savor the local goods. Like most Memphians, I do have my favorite spots. More often than not, though, I seek to try new places in the city, returning to those places when I seek comfort and familiarity.

Through this blog, I hope to highlight these local restaurants and showcase what Memphis has to offer. From barbeque and burgers to French and Thai, Memphis has a restaurant to satisfy every palate.

Everything written on here is 100% my opinion. I have no endorsements or motives other than sharing my honest opinion about local Memphis cuisine.


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