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All American Sweets July 9, 2012

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I was recently invited out to the All American Sweets bakery out in Bartlett. All American Sweets is a family owned and run bakery (meaning 3 people run the place) that mainly sells commercially. They now also make cakes for special occasions as well, such as wedding cakes.



Bill Kloos led me through the behind the scenes aspect of the bakery, which was very impressive. His philosophy boils down to “go big or go home”. They have nothing but they best equipment, setting themselves up for a bigger business in the future.



Then we got down to the good part, aka trying the cakes. I tasted the Coconut Cake, Banana Nut Cake, and the Strawberry Cake.



I am very impressed that this bakery uses nothing but fresh ingredients. They make all batters and icings from scratch, and all of their fruity cakes have actual fruit all throughout them. The Coconut Cake was very coconuty and sweet. Yummy. The Banana Nut Cake tasted like a sweeter version of Banana Nut Bread. It still has the denseness and earthiness to it, which I liked. This is also a great excuse to be able to eat it for breakfast.



However, the Strawberry Cake is what really caught my attention. It was awesome. The cake was very light and moist. It tasted like biting into a strawberry. The middle icing layers have actual muddled strawberries in them, so you get that fresh strawberry taste. I am not one to order cakes when going out to eat, but I would definitely order this if I saw it on the menu.


I left All American Sweets on a sugar high and with a full belly. I wish I had a list of all the places their cakes are sold, but I do know you can find them at Lucchesi’s and Soul Fish Cafe. You can also call and pre-order cakes for yourself.


For information on All American Sweets, visit their website and Facebook page. You can also find more reviews on Yelp.


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Casa Mexicana March 18, 2012

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This is was my first time at Casa Mexicana.  In fact, I have never really given the place a second look. I had never considered eating at this establishment before, because I always just assumed it was another average Mexican restaurant.  Don’t be fooled, it really is just another average Mexican restaurant.


What drew me to Casa Mexicana was the convenience factor.  The Cordova location is situated very close to Wolfchase Honda, where I take my car to get serviced.  My usual routine is to drop off my car, walk to the Wolfchase area to run errands while they are working on her, and then walk back to pick her up when ready.  This was my plan on this particular day.  Only, I had not eaten before I dropped my car off.  There are not many favorable dining restaurants in this area.  They all tend be mediocre chain establishments.  The only options otherwise are Casa Mexicana and Eat Well Sushi.  Eat Well is yummy, but I wasn’t in the mood.


Casa Mexicana was pretty empty when I walked in, but it was during the week.  I took a seat, and they presented me with my chips and salsa, like you get at pretty much every a-typical Mexican dining establishment.



The chips were really thin and greasy.  The salsa was pretty average, with a little bit of kick and not a lot of spice.  I munched on them, mainly because once I start eating tortilla chips, auto-pilot kicks in and I keep munching.


I ordered a margarita while I waited too.  I read on FourSquare that they have super strong margaritas.  These people did not lie.



Warning! I could taste some of the neon green, lime-y goodness in the glass.  However, I mainly tasted tequila.  To put this in perspective, all of the ice in my Margarita on the Rocks was melted in less than five minutes.  I had to ask my server for a glass of ice.  I used every single ice cube in a tall drinking glass to keep this thing cool while I drank it. It was strong. It was also awesome.  It was not too overwhelming for me, but I definitely did not order a second one either.


My food finally came, thankfully before I was able to finish the chips and salsa.  I ordered an enchilada, beans, and chile relleno combo, but I got a tostada instead.  This actually worked out perfectly, because I would rather have the tostada anyway.



There is not much to say about the food, other than it was pretty average. Nothing had an incredible amount of flavor or impressed me, but nothing was bad either.  It tasted a lot like going to any other average Mexcian restaurant in Memphis.


Overall, I will probably be back to Casa Mexicana eventually sometime in the future.  Not because it blew my socks off, but mainly because I will be hungry at some point when my car is being worked on.  If you are stuck in the same situation as me and need some place in walk distance, Casa Mexicana is not a bad choice.  Otherwise, skip it and go somewhere else.


Casa Mexicana does not have a website or social media presence, but you can find more reviews on Yelp and Urbanspoon.  You can also find photos of their menu there as well.  They have an extensive menu, with every possible Mexican option you could ever want.


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Fresh Slices October 28, 2011

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Fresh Slices is your friendly neighborhood sandwich place, located close to Overton Park in Midtown, with sister locations in Bartlett and Cordova.  After hearing several great reviews from friends, I decided to try it myself recently.


The restaurant looks very quaint when walking up from the street. They have a few tables outside on the patio, but Scott and I opted for the air conditioning inside.  We went during an off hour, so the place was pretty empty.  Only two other tables and us were there to keep the employees company.



We find a cozy booth in the back to relax in.  We wait for someone to come take our drink order, but our server was nowhere to be found. (I later observe that there are only 2 people on the clock: the guy cooking the food and the girl bringing it to the table.) She finally came to greet us 5-10 minutes later and get our drink order.  We were both thirsty for a beer, but we could not find alcohol anywhere on the list. The following conversation went something like this:

Me: I would like a water. What beer to you guys serve?

Server: I don’t know off the top of my head. We have a few.

Me: Okay, can you give me a couple of names?

Server: What were you thinking?

Me: Do you have Sam Adams, Fat Tire, or Newcastle?

Server: I don’t know. I don’t think so. Do you want me to go check?

Me: That would be great. Please.

*Server leaves to go find out, but making it clear she is annoyed. She returns a couple minutes later.*

Server: No we do not. Would you like to see a beer list?

Me: Yes, please.

*Server leaves again, making sure we know that she is annoyed. She returns with a beer and wine menu.*

Me: I think we will both take waters for now while we look over this menu.

Server: Okay (*still looking clearly annoyed*)

She came back with our water and asked if we knew what we wanted to eat. We had not looked at the food menu yet, since we were trying to determine what beer we wanted. I told her not yet, but she walked away before I could finish telling her what beer we wanted.


Scott and I continued to look at the food menu, and at this point we were just ready to eat and leave. We decided we didn’t want beer, since it had been such an ordeal. We didn’t want to add any more steps for our server, and honestly, we thought it would prolong our waiting process.


A while later, our server had still not come back.  We finally saw her and flagged her down.  We decided to split an appetizer and an entree, but we ordered both at the same time to make sure we got our order in.


We ordered the Rio Grande Dip, which is “Bean & beef mix, guacamole sour cream, blend colby & jack cheese, jalapeno pepper slices, diced tomatoes, green onions, sliced black olives, tortilla chips”.



We also ordered the Grilled Chicken Sandwich with fries.



The dip was pretty good, and it had a lot of goodies in it. It was also a pretty large size, enough to split between a few people (or one person and Scott, whose life revolves around cheese).  My only qualm with it was the chips.  They were the bargain tortilla chips that come in the large, clear plastic bag.  They tasted cheap.  I buy better tortilla chips at the store than that.


The grilled chicken sandwich was good, but nothing special.  I liked the ciabatta-like bread that it came on.


After finishing our meal, our server was once again nowhere to be found. After waiting for a while, we flagged her down and asked for the check.  It’s also worth noting that we never saw her again after receiving our food.


I honestly do not know if I will be back to Fresh Slices again.  The food was okay.  I would be more than willing to give it another shot, if the service was not so bad.  If someone invites me out to eat here, I would not refuse.  However, it will probably not be my choice to ever return.  To many wrongs do not make a right, isn’t that how the saying goes?


Fresh Slices does not have a website or social networking page.  You can, however, find them on Marks Menus to see their menu.  You can find more reviews on Urbanspoon, Yelp, and Trip Advisor.  For more write-ups about them, see articles in Dining With Monkeys, The Memphis Flyer, The Commercial Appeal, or Memphis Business Journal.


Fresh Slices Sidewalk Cafe & Deli on Urbanspoon

Fresh Slices Sidewalk Cafe & Deli on Urbanspoon

Fresh Slices Sidewalk Cafe & Deli on Urbanspoon