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Redfish Sushi Asian Bistro April 11, 2011

Filed under: Lakeland — Shannon R Little @ 3:05 pm

I have been to Redfish Sushi Asian Bistro twice now, both times with the family. This is probably my family’s new favorite restaurant, so they frequent it pretty often. It doesn’t seem to be very popular, as they are not many people eating when I have gone. However, it has great reviews, and the people who know about it seem to love it. It is one of those Memphis secrets that has not been discovered yet.

Redfish is popular with my family for several reasons. First, it is located within ten minutes of our house, in Lakeland.

Also,there is ALWAYS a gift card for it. That means money back, so its great for people with entire families to feed. Going out to eat can be expensive for five people, so is sometimes a necessity.

The atmosphere is also a plus. There are high booths, so you can focus on your company. You feel a bit secluded, which can be nice. It is not your typical hole-in-the-wall Chinese place, but instead it is very clean.

However, what keeps us coming back is the unbelievably fresh food and large portions. When you think Chinese restaurant, stale buffet food slathered in sodium comes to mind. I don’t do buffets, and many Chinese restaurants make me leery. However, this place is different. I have never tasted authentic Chinese food so fresh before. The vegetables are not soggy, but instead they have a nice crunch to them. The sauces do contain their fare share of sodium, but it does not leave that salty taste on the back of your tongue for a few hours. Everything tastes like it came just out of the wok, not the freezer. After my first bite of food at Redfish, I looked at my dad and just said, “Wow”.

For the price, the portions are huge! You could make it a personal challenge to finish everything on your plate, and I would like to see you try. I can usually turn one plate of food into two or three full meals. You will only have to pay around ten bucks for it total though.

Though I have never had the sushi, my dad says it is not bad. I chose to focus on the actual plates of food, though. I ordered the Hunan Srimp, because it was packed with veggies as well as jumbo shrimp.

My dad got the Hunan Chicken (which came with shrimp also).

Mom got the Beef with Garlic Sauce.

My brother ordered his usual, the Shrimp Lo Mein. He is a big fan, because it comes with shrimp, chicken, and beef. How could an eleven year old boy not like that?

The service is nothing to brag about, but they do their job well. I have no complaints. My water was not empty for long. Then again, I was totally that annoying person who drinks so much water she floats away. (I had just got back from a long bike ride. Give me a break.) The wait staff always has a smile on their face, and they always get you anything you need.

I will say, however, the first time I came, our server took a six person dinner order (with extras) without writing anything down. and everything came out perfect. Talk about putting people to shame.

On my way out, I stopped and talked to this fun family. It was Dad’s birthday, and the family was out celebrating. (My apologies go out to Mom and Dad. They both had interesting and positive things to say, but the video cut off.)

For more information on Redfish Sushi Asian Bistro, you can visit their website and check out their menu. You can also find them on Google Maps, Yelp, and Urbanspoon.




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