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Crawfish Season in Memphis April 5, 2013

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Tis the season for crawfish here in Memphis! When Spring comes knocking, the mudbugs come out to play (or to be eaten). Now that we can finally see warm weather in our future, it’s time to find yourself a patio or picnic spot, grab a cold one, and chow down.


Mudbugs in March 2013

Mudbugs in March was last month, and thankfully hit on the one beautiful day we had. It was a great time, and I ate a ridiculous amount of crawfish. If you didn’t get to check this one out, try one of these upcoming crawfish events:

Sunday Funday on Cheffie’s Patio: April 7 (1-5pm)

  • $15 All You Can Eat Crawfish, Kid’s 12 and Under Eat Free
  • Live Music

Crawfish Festival at The Green Beetle: April 7 (1-7pm)

  • Cost Unknown
  • Live Music

Overton Square Crawfish Festival: April 13 (noon-6pm)

  • Free admission, Crawfish available for purchase
  • Live music, featuring The Mighty Soul Brass Band, The Memphis Dawls, Dead Soldiers, and Lightnin Malcom and Stud
  • Artist’s Market

Crawfish Boil at Swanky’s: April 20 (1pm-til), Swanky’s East Memphis

  • $18 All You Can Eat Crawfish
  • Live Music, More info TBA

Heads n Tails Beer and Crawfish Festival: April 20 (Time TBA), Snowden Grove Amphitheatre

  • $40 for All You Can Eat Crawfish and 100 different types of beer samples

Rajun Cajun Crawfish Festival: April 21 (11:30am-6pm), Riverside Drive

  • Free admission, Crawfish available for purchase
  • Live music, featuring The Bayou Boys, Freeworld, and Marcella’s Lovers.
  • Kid’s Area

Crawfish Boil at Cajun Catfish Company: Every Tuesday (5pm-til)

  • Cost Unknown

Crawfish Boil at Newby’s: Every Wednesday (6pm-til)

  • $15 All You Can Eat Crawfish, or $7.50 per tray

Crawfish Boil at Half Shell: Every Wednesday (5pm-til)

  • Free All You Can Eat Crawfish (as long as you’re drinking)
  • Live Music

If you know of any more events, please leave them in the comments. I want to make this an ongoing list!

Mudbugs in March 2013

Mudbugs in March 2013


Gluten-Free Memphis August 18, 2011

I have been requested, per my friend Caroline, to feature a post dedicated to gluten-free diets. I know this is important to many people, so I have created a list of gluten-free friendly, local Memphis restaurants. Some of these places have gluten-free menu items. Some have specific gluten-free menus, and some are 100% gluten-free.

If anyone knows of any other gluten-free friendly local restaurants around town, please comment and let me know. I would love to increase this list!

  • Booyah’s Burrito Beach
    • Tex Mex. It’s not for me, but some people may love Tex Mex.
    • Gluten-Free friendly
  • Charlie Vergos’ Rendezvous
    • World Famous BBQ. I recommend trying the ribs and cheese and sausage plate (though I do not know if they are Gluten-free.)
    • Gluten-Free friendly

Cheffie’s Cafe May 24, 2011

There has been quite the buzz about Cheffie’s lately, so I HAD to check it out. Cheffie’s is a (kinda) new restaurant in the High Point strip, surrounded by a peaceful, pedestrian friendly neighborhood. After 10 years of being MIA, Cheffie’s Cafe has once again graced us with its presence.

The best part about Cheffie’s is that it is a couple blocks right off the Greenline, so you can ride your bike directly there. This is what I did.

Cheffie’s atmosphere is unique, and it has something for everyone. There is a nice patio area, for people to soak up the beautiful weather. There is a mini-bar inside, with a few beers on tap. They have two different kinds of Ghost River! There is a nice indoor seating area, with flat screen TVs to watch the game. Also, there is a bike shop on one side of the restaurant. You can stop in to get your bicycle a tune-up and grab a bite to eat while you wait. This place was obviously designed for Greenline bikers.

The menu for Cheffie’s is all sandwiches and salads. You can pick from a list, or you can build your own. Their topping choices are vast, so I recommend having it your way. I built my own salad, which included (but was not limited to) feta cheese, chickpeas, tomatoes, bell peppers, artichoke hearts, and chicken. Scott chose the Santa Fe Salad, and we split a side of potato salad. For dessert, they have a gelato bar!

I really liked Cheffie’s, and I will be back for a repeat visit. The fact that they cater to bikers and walkers, plus have great food makes me really appreciate them. They are also Project Greenfork Certified!

For more information on Cheffie’s, visit their website, Facebook, or Twitter. You can also find more about them on Urbanspoon, Yelp, and the I Love Memphis blog.

Cheffie's Café on Urbanspoon