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La Michoacana May 14, 2012

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La Michoacana is one of those small known-unknown places.  Nobody talks about this place, yet all local Memphians seem to known and love it.  I visited La Michoacana for the first time a few weeks ago.  It has been on my list to try for quite sometime, as I have heard nothing but rave reviews about.



When I pulled up to the building, my heart filled with excitement like a five year old child.  The place even looks exciting. The writings on the outside of the windows make it seem like a fun place to be.



The inside of the building is just as fun as the outside.  Brightly colored walls, kids drawings, and photos of customers having fun all make the place inviting.  It seems like they drew their inspiration from a preschool or Sunday School classroom.

The main difference is that preschools don’t smell like corn.  Yes, this place smells like corn.

La Michoacana has many sweet options for you to choose from.  They have paletas, which cost $2 a piece.  Many swear by these popsicles.  They also have ice cream.  The commonality between it all is that you will find flavors here that you cannot find anywhere else.  Tequila, Rose, Corn, Jalapeno, etc.  The ice cream flavors go on.

I opted for a small papaya ice cream.  Scott, who tends to shy away from weird sweets, opted for strawberry.  My papaya ice cream was fantastic. You can tell that they make the ice cream in house.  It’s the perfect consistency.  It has a rich sweetness to it, but overly-fruity sweet.  It’s also very creamy.  Scott’s strawberry was above par as well.  It was also sweet, without being overly fruity.  They seem to have the right flavor and texture recipes to all of their ice cream.  I was amazed.

I live so close to this place, that I cannot believe I have not tried it yet. I will be back soon, that is for sure.  Jerry’s Sno Cones now has some competition for my love.

La Michoacana does not have a website or social media presence, but you can find more reviews at Yelp and Urbanspoon.  You can also find write-ups by I Love Memphis, Dining with Monkeys, Whining and Dining, and WMCTV5.


La Michoacana on Urbanspoon



Humdinger’s January 6, 2012

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Several people on several occasions have told me about Humdinger’s and how I need to go check it out.  Well, I finally did one evening, for a much needed get-together with my friend Eula.



Humdinger’s is counter service, but they also have lovely staff member to come around and check on you as well.  Everyone is very nice!


They serve fresh fish and piri piri chicken in many different ways.  I was excited about this, as there are not many reasonably priced places around town where you can find many fresh fish options. If you want it, you basically have to pay upwards of $25.00 an entree, or you have to go with the frozen kind (which is not always terrible).  Your choice.


As their website explains:

A Memphian, a transplant from California, and a South African restaurateur, all with a love of great food, came together to pursue a common passion: They believed casual cuisine could be healthy, flavorful and affordable. They decided to explore the idea of creating flame grilled, mouth watering entrées using unique sauces. Knowing health and wellness was becoming important to a discerning clientele, they chose to build their entrées around freshly grilled gourmet fish, chicken and vegetables. They created unique recipes, many using the legendary Piri-Piri spice from the coastal regions of Southern Africa. As a result, at Humdingers you can enjoy a mouthwatering array of hot and healthy dishes straight off a fiery grill.

I was highly impressed with all of the options that this place had.  I had a hard time figuring out exactly what I wanted!


I did know that I needed a drink, after working several long days in a row.  I ordered wine, but they did not have any.  That was okay with me, as they also had Samuel Adams. Sold.


Their menu is decently extensive, but I chose one of the fish platters.  You choose your fish, choose your topping, and choose your side.  It also comes with rice.  I had never heard of either Amberjack or Triggerfish, so I googled both to see what they were like.  The Triggerfish got better results on Google, so that is what I went with.  I chose the pineapple salsa as my topper and grilled sweet potatoes as my side.  I also got a cup of New England Clam Chowder.




Eula got the Grilled Tilapia, covered in pineapple salsa, with a side Caesar salad.




Eula said her meal was really good.  I loved mine!  The fish was very flavorful and flaky, and the pineapple salsa was sweet, but not too sweet.  It also had a good kick to it as well.  The grilled sweet potatoes were fantastic.  They were cooked perfectly and had a great, spicy seasoning on them.  I do not prefer my sweet potatoes overly sweet, covered in sugar, butter, etc.  These were not that.  You could taste the natural sweetness of the potato, along with the spiciness of the seasoning.


The clam chowder wasn’t the best I have ever had.  It did not have as much flavor as the rest of the meal, but it was still good.  It was wonderfully creamy and full of clam and other yummies.  They didn’t skimp on ingredients.


Overall, I am only upset that I did not try Humdinger’s sooner.  It is the perfect place to find a healthy meal at a great price that still has a lot of flavor!  You just can’t find that in many places around town.  I will definitely be back again.  I just wish there was a location closer in town.


For more information on Humdinger’s, check out their website, Facebook, or Twitter.  You can also find more reviews on Yelp, Urbanspoon, and Trip Advisor.  You can also find out more about their history in the Memphis Business Journal write-up.


Humdingers on Urbanspoon


Humdingers on Urbanspoon



Blue Plate Cafe November 14, 2011

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I cannot believe that I have been to Blue Plate Cafe about three times this year, and I have yet to write about it.  I finally realized this when meeting my dad and sister for breakfast while they were in town this past week.

Blue Plate Cafe is one of my favorite places to grab breakfast.  The food is consistently some of the best down-home, Southern comfort goodness in Memphis.  You immediately realize this when first sitting down at your table.  The menus are newspapers.  The history of the restaurant is on the front, along with some motivational material.  On the inside is their complete menu.


I always have a hard time deciding what to get when I eat here.  The omelets are great.  I have an obsession with pancakes, and they have a lot of choices.  Butter pecan waffles? Okay, maybe.  Guaranteed though, we always order biscuits and gravy to start.


The biscuits at Blue Plate Cafe are soft, buttery, and perfect.  They always come out hot and fresh.  Most times, I don’t like to smother them in gravy because they are so good by themselves.  However, sometimes you just need that good, heart-clogging warmth of southern gravy.  With or without the gravy, the biscuits cannot be missed.

This particular time I came in, I chose to order the Eggs Florentine, which is “spinach and poached egg on an english muffin covered in rich mornay sauce” with a side of fruit.


The Eggs Benedict was just as good as anything else I have ever eaten at Blue Plate.  The English muffin was toasted just perfectly, with the right combination of spinach, tomato, poached egg, and sauce.  My only wish is that Blue Plate offered fresh, cooked spinach instead of creamed spinach.  I think you would be able to taste the flavor of spinach better, and it would make the whole entree taste fresher.

I also love Blue Plate’s fruit cup, because it is more than just your ho-hum cantelope and honey dew melon.  In addition, they add strawberries and bananas.  I am also pretty sure it changes depending on the season.

The service at Blue Plate is pretty humorous if you are observant.  From my experiences, all of the older servers who are waiting tables because they are industry professionals, are always happy, friendly, polite, and glad to be there.  However the younger servers, who are in their teens or early twenties, always seem to be having a bad day.

Our server (I do not know her name. She never told us.) was one of the latter.  She looked about 18, and she acted as though I was ruining her day.  I watched her interact outside of our table, and she was mildly happy and laughing with her co-workers.  However, every time she walked up to a table, including ours, a giant scowl came over her face.  It seemed as though all of her customers were making her angry.  She was attentive and got us everything we needed, which was great, but she just did it with a terrible attitude.

Though you cannot help who you get as a server, I would suggest crossing your fingers and hoping for one of the ladies who has been waiting tables there for a while.

Overall, my experience at Blue Plate Cafe was great.  The food was amazing and comforting, as usual.  Ignoring our server, we had a great time.  Blue Plate is usually my go to spot for a Southern breakfast, so I am sure I will be back soon.

Blue Plate Cafe does not have a website or social media presence, but you can find more reviews at Yelp, Urbanspoon, Road Food, or Trip Advisor.  You can also find out how they ranked in I Love Memphis’ Breakfast Brackets.

Blue Plate Cafe on Urbanspoon

Blue Plate Cafe on Urbanspoon