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Majestic Grille March 2, 2012

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I happened on Majestic Grille one night after walking around Downtown with some friends.  I had never been before, but my friends Amber and Alex swear by this place.  Amber loves it.  I had always heard awesome reviews about Majestic, so I was excited to finally get to try it.


As soon as I walked into the door, I was amazed.  I felt like I just walked into a completely different world.  The atmosphere in this place was mesmerizing.  They have a main level, with tables, an extended bar, and a lobby area.  They also have a balcony area up top with more seating.  The lights were dim, and they had Christmas lights hanging everywhere.  On the far wall is a huge projector screen that plays classic, black and white movies all of the time.  I got to enjoy The Three Stooges.  This place is classy, yet extremely welcoming at the same time.  I adore it.


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We got seated very quickly, considering there were five of us and it was 7:30pm on a Saturday night.  Impressive.  Our server comes over immediately and introduces himself.  He is knowledgable, patient, and accomodating.


We all order drinks and look at the menu.  As Alex puts it, they have a cheaper side of the menu and a not-as-cheaper side of the menu.  The cheaper side includes a few sandwiches, salads, and pizzas. The no-as-cheaper side is a full-on entree menu.  My budget allows me the cheaper-side, so I choose Plum Tomato Flatbread, which comes with tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella.  It’s a classic, but it’s a solid one.  Amber also orders a flatbread, the Roasted Chicken Flatbread, which has “Shaved red onion, bacon, parmesan cream sauce, and mozzarella”.  Alex orders a cup of the Soup of the Day, which is White Bean and Ham, and a Majestic Burger.  (Erin and Branden aren’t hungry.)


Before our food comes, we have homemade, hot focaccia bread placed in front of us on the table.  If this bread is a sign to come, I have hit the motherload.  This foccacia bread was perfect.  Soft, flavorful, and piping hot, I would not change one thing about it.  I am pretty sure I ate four slices, before my pizza came.  I had carb-overloaded before my carb-heavy dinner arrived.



Alex got his soup first, and he was very happy about it.  We both agreed that we are picky with White Bean and Ham soups, because they have a tendency to be over-salty.  However, he said Majestic’s was not.



Our food arrived soon after, and everything looked great.  My pizza was good, but nothing incredibly special.  It was a little greasy for my taste, but I like my pizza as non-greasy as possible.  I wish there would have been more basil on it, instead of a few shreds here and there.  I really like basil.  I did eat half of it, and then the other half the next day.



Amber let me try her pizza, and it was rich and full of flavor.  You could really taste the creaminess of the parmesan and mozzarella.



Alex said his burger was a solid burger.



Overall, I had a good experience at Majestic.  I think I shorted myself by ordering such a simple dish.  I would love to go back and try something more adventurous next time.  Also, I can only stay away from that focaccia bread for so long.



For more information on Majestic Grill, visit their website, Facebook page, or Twitter.  You can also find more reviews on Yelp, Urbanspoon, and Trip Advisor.  Read the Memphis Daily News article about them, or book your reservations at Open Table.


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Rio Loco May 18, 2011

Rio Loco is not one of those talked about restaurants downtown. It’s pretty subtle and pretty humble. It’s not where you go for a lively night out. It’s where you go to grab a bite to eat before a downtown event. It’s where you go for good Mexican food.

Rio Loco is not perfect. It seems like every time I go, something goes wrong. The food takes forever. Our margaritas are the wrong flavor. Etc. However, their food is always consistently good. Their beer is consistently cold, and their margaritas are consistently strong.

This particular time I went, they did not seem prepared for Memphis in May. They were very understaffed. Our server worked his little tushy off, but it still took 20 minutes for our drinks to get to the table.

This time we went, we split a pitcher of Dos Equis Amber. We were grabbing a quick bite before Music Fest. Scott, Laura, and I split some white queso with chorizo and the shrimp and beef fajitas. The food hit the table fast, and it was sizzling. It was all really good. The cheese dip was thick, so you had a really good chip to queso ratio. There were lots of yummy veggies mixed with the fajitas.

Though I did not get it this time, I highly recommend the chicken flautas. They are amazing here.

My favorite thing about Rio Loco, though, is the salsa. It is perfect. It’s the right combination and sweet and spicy. You can taste the actual tomatoes, and it still leaves a kick in your mouth. I usually end up filling up on chips and salsa and have to take my food with me. It’s a good idea to split an entree and share the chips and dip.

Rio Loco is in a convenient spot downtown, on Union between Main and Second. If you park in Parking Can Be Fun or a nearby lot, it is directly en route when heading to the FedEx Forum or Beale Street. Stop in to have a margarita and a snack.

To learn more about Rio Loco, visit their website, Google Maps page, Urbanspoon, and Yelp.

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Flight Restaurant and Wine Bar April 1, 2011

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Flight Restaurant and Wine Bar was the other foodie stop on the Friday night of my Birthday Weekend. After dinner, my good ole handy Yelp app told me that Flight was highly reviewed for dessert in the downtown area. Erin and I took the trolley down Main and headed in the door. Flight is a more upscale restaurant. White table clothes, candles, and the whole bit.

We were taken upstairs to the loft, which was super neat. It is basically an extended balcony that looks over the first floor and Main. We were greeted quickly by our server. Though she was super friendly and nice, I could tell that she was ready for the night to be over. Her smile was genuine, but her eyes wanted to leave. I completely understood though. It was late on a Friday night, and she works in fine dining (which I could never do).

She presented us with a drinks and dessert menu, which we studied intently. The cool thing about Flight is that, though they have a regular menu as well, their speciality is their flights of food and drink. Since Erin and I are so indecisive about what to order, this was right up our alley. We could choose three desserts to sample and three dessert wines to sample. Who would order one dessert when you could try three?

For dessert we chose The Elvis, which is a peanut butter and banana french toast, Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee, and Chocolate Chip Cheesecake. We also had three amazing dessert wines, which they simply call the “Dessert Wine Flight”.

Overall, everything satified my sweet-tooth perfectly. It was all amazing and so rich that I could not think about eating another bite.

For the price, I do not know if I will be back for a full meal. This IS fine dining, which translates to high dollar. Our server even presented us with a business card at the end. She told us to come back for dinner or recommend her to friends. Yes, that is how fine dining this place is. It made Erin and I giggle, and we proceeded to show it to all of our friends for the rest of the weekend. (Does any place else do this?)

However, it was nice to go and try, and maybe I will be back for dessert or tapas again. Perhaps next time, I will sit out on their nice patio. This would be great for a Friday night in Spring: sipping wine and eating tapas while people watching down Main.

Flight is nationally known, as they were awarded the 2010 Award of Excellence by Wine Spectator for their extensive wine selection. They also have complimentary valet parking, which is really nice when searching downtown for someplace reasonable to park.

For more information on Flight Restaurant and Wine Bar, check out their website. You can also find their Lunch, Appetizer, Entree, Dessert, Wine, and Banquet menus there.

You can also find them on Facebook, Yelp, and Urbanspoon, or check out their Google Maps page.



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South of Beale March 30, 2011

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This past weekend was my birthday. No, I do not mean that one of the days of the weekend was my birthday. I mean that I spent three whole days celebrating my March 26th birthday. What does a Memphis Foodie do to celebrate turning another year older? Yep, she eats as much as she possibly can. That’s what I did. My first food event of the weekend was South of Beale, which is located in South Main Arts District Downtown. My friend Erin and I headed down there for the South Main Trolley Tour that night, so we were already in the area. I also had heard nothing but great reviews about the places, so I thought this would be the right time to try it out. Also, when there mission is featured on the front page of their website, you know you will be taken care of when you dine in:

Our mission at South of Beale is to give our patrons a warm, welcoming atmosphere accompanied with personable and attentive service that highlights our extreme care for the food and drinks we serve. Our number one priority is giving our guests a memorable experience to come back to time and time again.

When Erin and I got there, the place was absolutely packed. Then again, it was 9pm on a Friday night. They don’t have a hostess, but the bartender was super nice and helpful when we were trying to locate a table. We eventually found ourselves a cozy little two top (no stalking needed) to settle down in. The drink board was staring us in the eye as we sat down, like it knew what we wanted. Five dollar delicious pints and cheap whip cream vodka shots. How does the board KNOW that’s my favorite and it’s my birthday weekend? Easy choice right off the bat. Though the place was crammed, the service was still quick. Our server had our drinks to us in no time. Now, if you have never gone out to eat with Erin and me, you don’t know what an event this can be. We can never make a decision on what to order, and we don’t want want to miss out on anything really good. Therefore, we tend to order way more food then we could ever consume. As an appetizer, we got the S.O.B. Bar Pie, which is a House Made Mozzarella, Roasted Tomatoes, and Basil flatbread, and the Fried Green Tomatoes. For our dinner, we ordered the Shrimp and Grits and Seared Scallops with sides of Bacon Wrapped Asparagus and Spinach and Potato Gratin. The S.O.B. Bar pie was delicious, and you could definitely tell it was fresh. The Fried Green Tomatoes did puzzle us, however. They really tasted like green peppers, but maybe it was just the sauce or seasoning. Either way, they were still good. The Shrimp and Grits were good as well. The shrimp was spicy, but had a lot of wonderful flavors to it. The grits were a good compliment, but pretty bland on their on. Erin and I kept talking about how great they would be if they were cheese grits, but maybe that’s the Southern coming out in us. We were really amazed by the scallops, which were our favorite by far. They were perfectly cooked, seasoned, etc. We ate ALL of them. For the sides, they were both delicious as well. I am in love with spinach, so I enjoy anything cooked with it, and how can anything be bad with bacon?

Overall, we were impressed by South of Beale. A couple of items were hit or miss, but everything else was amazing. The service was fantastic, drinks cold as ice, and food that satisfied our bellies. Elegant food and a lively atmosphere made this place worth coming back soon.

South of Beale is officially Memphis’ First Gastropub, which they define as “a pub serving great ale & wine along with chef-driven food.” It is also another Project Greenfork Certified restaurant, and it’s always good to support those that give back to the community.

On top of this, they were recently voted the “Best New Bar” and “Best New Restaurant”. If that does not give it some credibility, I do not know what does.

Check them out before the end of the Grizzlies season too, because they offer discounts to those who attended the game! Get 20% off your food after the game if you show your server your tickets!

If I haven’t sold you yet, you might want to check out their drink specials. Happy Hour every week is $3.00 drafts, $4.00 wells, and $4.00 select wines. Pint Nights are also Sunday and Wednesday, where you can get $3.00 brews as well. That’s $3.00 for a delicious microbrew, including your own local Ghost River! If none of that tickles your fancy, they have $3.00 mimosas and bloody marys for Sunday brunch as well!

For more information, check out their highly detailed website. Their menu changes seasonally (how cool is that?), but there you can find their Dinner, Late Night, Wine, and Sunday Brunch menus.

You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Marks Menus. You can also find them on Yelp and Urbanspoon for more reviews, or check out their Google Maps page.



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